Kandela becomes a collectors item

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As The Wand Company decided to discontinue the Kandela Wand and Enchanted Candle, it now becomes a collectors item. If you already got one, feel good. We only have a few left in stock, which we will probably give away to good friends.

But don’t be afraid, the Kymera Wand is programmable to work with most infrared remote controlled candles, lights or other devices. So be creative and test it out. Looking forward to your comments about your Kymera Wand experiments.


Kymera Wand bei n-tv

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Kurz vor Weihnachten strahlte n-tv die Sendung “Ratgeber-Hightech: Weihnachtsgeschenke” aus, in der Torsten Knippertz diverse Gadgets testet.

Die Rahmenhandlung für diese Tests bildet die Vorführung des Kymera Wand (Infrarot Fernbedienung Zauberstab) (lustigerweise in einer Wohnzimmer Sitzgruppe eines Möbelhauses).

Fazit des Testers

Also so richtig zaubern kann das Ding leider auch nicht, das Fernsehprogramm bleibt so schlecht wie es ist.

Aber ansonsten sehr lustige Idee, wenn man die Bedienung einmal raus hat und es funktioniert, macht’s richtig Spass und man kann einige Leute damit in Erstaunen versetzen.

Gesamturteil: Thumbs up

cnet.de logo

CNET.de veröffentlichte vor einer Weile das “Gadget der Woche Video” mit dem Kymera Fernbedienungs-Zauberstab,
ich hab es leider jetzt erst gefunden, weil sie natürlich nicht den Namen “Kymera” erwähnen.

Für echte Herr-der-Ringe- und Harry-Potter-Fans kommt keine andere Zappe in die Tüte als die Zauberstab-Fernbedienung. In bester Gandalf-Manier lassen sich mit einem Schwung aus dem Handgelenk Big Brother, Topmodel & Co. durch den nächsten Fantasy-Actionknaller ersetzen. Wie gut das in der Praxis funktioniert, zeigt unser Video zum Gadget der Woche.

I’m happy to report that we received some boxes filled with the new Kandela offering from the Wand Makers, Chris and Richard.

It is nicely packaged in a glossy box and now has TWO candles instead of just one. And the best thing is, the price stayed the same.

Kandela Overview Sheet

Kandela Overview Sheet

Two Kandela Candles and Wand with Box

Two Kandela Candles and Wand with Box

Kandela Twin Pack

Kandela Twin Pack

So get your pack as gift or for yourselves as long as they are fresh :)

I was surprised to discover that the brave adventurer and Dragon Lover who invented the Kymera Magic Wand can now be found tweeting (@Dragonolia) his bits of wisdom.

His profile says:

The source of wisdom for Sir Richard Barons, explorer, adventurer and and philanthropist of the New Magical Age. Life is Your Adventure!

His letter to the future owners of Kymera Wand’s shows some of his incredible skills and abilities.

On this picture you can see him standing in front of his shop somewhere in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau.

Sir Richard Barons and his shop of magical and dragonry utensils

Sir Richard Barons and his shop of magical and dragonry utensils

It turned out that Sir Richard Barons recently published a lovely book for craftsmen of all ages that wand to engage in dragon related crafts.

The book is called:

Your Chance to Win a “Dragonolia” Book
signed by Sir Richard Barons himself

Please comment on this post which dragon character you like most.
Be it from a story, movie or other fiction. Or a dragon you’ve seen yourself.

You might also tweet it, please make sure to add @kymerawand and the link http://bit.ly/win_dragonolia

This book is, first of all, a rather beautiful book to behold. The red cloth hardback cover with the curled-up golden dragon on the front immediately make you want to pick it up and look inside! It’s also a rather unusual book, being a mix of both fiction and non-fiction, so when you begin it you’re initially not quite sure what you’re looking at.

As you read on you discover that there’s a story running throughout by Sir Richard Barons, a famous dragon hunter, and with each story he tells there is also a craft project of something related to make!

Story about the Filigree Egg Case

Story about the Filigree Egg Case

There are fourteen projects in all ranging from simple items that you can print out from the related website through to more complicated tasks to make a dragon bottle stopper or a wizard’s wand. Because of the complexity of some of the projects the book is probably best for children aged at least eight, though if you’ve a very keen little crafter then they could give the projects a go, whilst being heavily supervised by an adult! If your house is already equipped with glue guns and saved-up cardboard boxes then this is probably your ideal book, and there’s lots of fun to be had making the various different items.

I liked the unusual style of this book, with the stories inserted right within the project instructions. It means that you can still get enjoyment from reading the book, even if you’re not ready to sit down and make an item yet. It also makes the items you make more interesting since they’re related to the story you’ve just read, giving everything a magical feel.

I liked the range of projects apart from the fact that there are three items all relating to dragon eggs although I suppose it’s tricky to come up with so many craft ideas all linked to the dragon theme. There are some that would take quite some time and effort to make, but then there are also easier items that would be quicker to make if you had less time.

The book works equally well for boys or girls, and would be a nice weekend sort of book, or one for those long school holidays when you’ve run out of things to occupy the children with! It’s such a beautifully presented book too that it would also make a nice gift for any crafty kids you know.
–Ruth Ng, thebookbag.co.uk, November 2011

A very Antique Map

A very Antique Map

A collection of Fantastical Stories and Fabulous Dragonry Projects that follow the incredible adventures of Sir Richard Barons, the now famous 19th Century philanthropist, who delighted Victorian Society. His motto, Life is Your Adventure is as true now as it ever was. So why not join us on a wonderful journey through this unique collection of entertaining stories and truly original and absorbing dragon-related craft projects.

A real Dragon Egg

A real Dragon Egg

Dragonolia makes the perfect gift, bound in a rich traditional red cloth-covered hardback cover with gilt edged pages and an authentic looking Victorian style layout, each of the 14 chapters has a short story which brings to life a craft project intertwined with it.

Suitable for children from about 8 to adult, with projects to suit any ability from children working alone to projects that will be fun to do together.


John Kaiser won the wand. Thanks to everyone for participating.

Your chance!

Up until Christmas (Dec, 11th) you have the Chance to WIN

a beautiful Kymera Wand and one of the gorgeous Red Wand Pockets.

The only thing you have to do is:

Tweet or comment on this post with
your choice of the most magical invention or device in the last 20 years.

Please include @kymerawand AND http://bit.ly/winawand in your tweet.

Good Luck !

There is a new trend from LED light bulb manufacturers, I didn’t realize those were now generally available.

You get a standard (E27, E14 and other bases) based bulb (globe or spot) that can show up to 16 colors, some even with strobes and bright colors.

And the cool thing is ….

…. they are controlled by an Infrared Remote Control.

So it is supereasy to program your Magic Kymera Wand to control the colorful light. Stay tuned for a video.

Jannes de Goochelaar, a Dutch Wizard ordered two Kymera Wands and lots of candles from us to illuminate his magical end-of-year-show.

Illuminated Kandela Candle on top of the Manual Parchment

Illuminated Kandela Candle on top of the Manual Parchment

He sent us a video showing the Illumination spells in action, quite impressive almost Hogwart-like. The show is run in the Monastery of Archeon and will be repeated this year.

You can find more about Jannes by conjuring up his magical place.

Jannes as Trucasius

After a too long absence from the site due to other obligations, we’re back in business of updating the blog regularly.

We’ve been selling wands during that period, mostly through amazon but also through this site.

With Christmas rapidly approaching we restocked our wands from the WandMakers so that there should be enough to fulfill all incoming orders.

If you haven’t decided to get one, this video from Chris and Richard, might convince you otherwise (the girl is not included)

While catching up with the Wandmakers there were also quite a lot of news. First, they added a quite comprehensive Q & A section for both wands on their support site.

They also spent a lot of effort to translate the Kymera Wand into many languages, you can view the manuals behind each flag.


They are working on a new secret product that no one must know about.

And there is a new version of the Kandela, that comes with TWO candles and a new and shiny packaging.

New Kandela Pack

New Kandela Pack

More news in follow – up blog posts.

Many resellers of the wands have stepped up and created fun sales videos, which we’d like to share.

Paramountzone – Kymera

SamTheeGeek – Kymera

SamTheeGeek – Kandela

Find Me A Gift – Kandela

ZoomBits – Kandela

The Wand Company – Sales Video Spanish