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Don’t call us, we call you – Hollywood

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From the wandmaker Chris Barnardo via Twitter:

Talking with guys who want to introduce the wand to a big Hollywood studio…drum roll… hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen

PopTech Logo

Despite only being launched three weeks ago, the wand is already beginning
to get noticed on the conference circuit. The Kymera Wand has been selected
by PopTech, (the world’s premier innovation and new thinking event) to be
one of the handful of technologies that gets present to delegates as
products that will make a difference in the world next year. PopTech 2009:
America Reimagined runs from October 21 – 24 in Camden, Maine, USA.


Wandmaker Chris Barnardo is currently on his way to Camden where the Wand is being showcased.

Kymera Wand presented at PopTech

The wand was shown and got great attention,

So many people came up to me and after about two minutes chatting suddenly said… “Ahh you’re
the Wand Guy!” I must have had that aha moment about 30 times and always
followed by a warm hearty handshake.

here are some tweets:

  • The_WandCompany: What a great few days; PopTech 2009 is over now, but the wand has made a load of new friends and in lots of ways I’ll be sad to leave
  • CostaVidaFred: @The_WandCompany I want a wand #PopTech
  • The_WandCompany: The wand presented to PopTech, lots of support, outside gorgeous late afternoon New England sunlight is filtered through maple leaves
  • bastholm: Read more about the mad wizard universal remote control on #poptech
  • kevinrussell: @valeskaUX re: chimera wand (expand) ( @PopTech live on )
  • poptech: RT @dickrowan: “Magic” wand for controlling radio frequency devices like your TV remote. Seen at #poptech. (expand)
  • dickrowan: “Magic” wand for controlling radio frequency devices like your TV remote. Seen at #poptech. (expand) . Got to get one of these.
  • valeskaUX: @poptech where do I get one of those awesome magic wand?
  • innoceansedge: who Doesn’t want one?? RT @barkwheats: @poptech what was the name of that wand you’re giving away?
  • bastholm: Someone actually developed a wand that you can teach to control your home electronics Harry Potter style. So, so awesome #poptech
  • RafeFurst: @poptech where do we get one of those magic wand home remote controllers?
  • barkwheats: @poptech what was the name of that wand you’re giving away?

SKY guy gone crazy with Kymera Wand in Berlin

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Here is a video that coenkoop took in Berlins Europa Center of a SKY sales guy gone crazy with the Kymera wand. The sound is awful but funny to watch.


Wand promoted at G4TV

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Video Description: Technology is amazing, especially when it blows the mind like the motion sensor Kymera Magic Wand universal remote, turn yourself into a toy with Be A Doll, a blood powered lamp and a pulsating PC Tumor.

This german girl controls a tv + a receiver with a magic wand, At first i didn’t believe this. But she explained that it’s a promotional gift from SKY Germany. Really cool this.

Guy in Bremen shuts down various branded tv’s with a magic wand. Even from 15 meters. Really cool gadget. It’s a product that you get at SKY.

WandMaker Chris Barnardo’s thoughts can now also be listened to at this stream of twittering messages. So now there is a second source to listen to besides the kymerawand mumblings.

He also put new gorgeous pictures of the Wand online on the Gallery. These should make your eyes gleam with greed and your mouth watery.

Photo Plate taken of the Kymera Wand

Photo Plate taken of the Kymera Wand

Update: I added the twitter stream of the wandmakers to this site in the sidebar at the lower right.


Blog & Forum offline, Now working again

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Unfortunately we had a hardware failure and were left standing in the weekends rain by the hosting providers. But now everything is online and working again.

Sorry for the inconvenience :(



Joe’s feedback: Actually using the Kymera Wand

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Joe has been using the wand for some days and now gave his feedback in this forum thread.

I’m now actively using it to control (part of) our home theatre system. It certainly does work, even the twirling gesture that was tricky to pick up. Some comments:

  • this really is very cool, I’m not getting tired of it.
  • you want to think about your neutral hand position when you pick it up because some gestures don’t work well from some positions
  • the stabbing gesture is harder, not that it’s hard to do but that it’s hard to cleanly do it from some hand positions (and it’s easy to accidentally do the withdrawal gesture from it)
  • double-taps can be hard to execute quickly (I’ve got the Mute command on one and the phone rang…)
  • the IR emitter seems to have a pretty tight cone of effect compared to other programmable remotes; for some commands to some devices I have to point it right at the device
  • using it reinforces my desire to have an “activation/deactivation” command, i.e. a safety, in the next revision
  • yes, you can get a pair of commands in, but it takes repeated tries
  • I would like to be able to do longer code sequences, but you knew that
  • it’s actually quite convenient as an additional remote for me because unlike the bigger universal it doesn’t have to sit on a charger, please don’t change this (though I do wonder how quickly I’m going to kill the batteries)
  • thanks again for making this, it’s really a class act in so many ways!

Thanks for all the feedback and keep enjoying the Kymera Wand.


Kind Words of an Admirer

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Once in a great while – like Susan Boyle – someone with great genius steps
up to the plate and delights a world.

I absolutely LOVED your website, unusual product, and appreciate the
creative genius that tied it all together. It’s so smart – so delightful -
so dynamic that I’m going to side step my intended topic for my “hub” (a
blog for writers/authors/etc.) and use your product and website as an
example. If you want the URL for “my brag” just let me know.

The only thing I couldn’t figure out was how to get back to “home.”

Thanks for all my fun today just clicking through your site, Lynn

Lynn Manning Ross – founder | author


Move you wand carefully and precisely

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Most people, when getting the wand into their hands start to wave it quite eagery like you would use a sword or club. But a wand is different. It needs careful, precise and minimal movements.

A realy wizard would never move its wand, he or she only does minimal gestures to perform magic just barely enough to support the spells. Otherwise any adversary would recognize spells in advance and could prepare counter spells rendering the wizard powerless.

So keep in mind, move your wand not like a stick you want to hit someone with but gently and precicely.