Dear Wandmakers

while waiting at the dentist this morning, I thought about a number of things that could make the Kymera Wand even more interesting for customers.

Wand – Models:

  • programmable model (use an arduino and processing to do the programming, usb interface)
  • making you products hackable enables a big crowd of people to get creative and enables you to harvest ideas from them

Case Modding

  • changeable shells/covers
  • wood covers (ebony, elder, beech, …)
  • stylistic covers (acryl, magnesium, …)
  • a barebone version for putting into your own housings, e.g. Chris’ wands from (case modding)

Hardware Features

  • glowing wands
  • integrate bluetooth
  • integrate laser pointer

Wand – Gestures:

  • convert n-taps to numbers (1..10)
  • convert n-tabs to repetitions of the next gesture great for channel hopping, fast volume increases, e.g. taps on top n-times, taps at side n*10-times repetition
  • allow recording of sequences of gestures
  • allow recording of sequences of ir signals (macros)
  • switchable settings (e.g. by n-tap)
  • long impulses, use wand as IR-pen for drawing


  • USB Device that acts as keyboard and converts IR signals to keys (HID)
  • buttons (for sticking on clothes) with ir receiver and LED / sound module , use these for games, using for instance arduino lillypads for those, which react with light and/or sound to impulses


  • control iRobot Roomba
  • digital picture frames
  • Lego NXT
  • Toys (?)
  • device games for the wands (e.g. duels with the buttons above, cast spells and shields of different types)

Happy wandmaking


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One comment


It would be wicked cool if you could add these features:

Bluetooth Mouse functions:
-move cursor
-left click
-right click
-zoom page in/out
-page forward/backward

Biometric -
Make the wand only function when wielded by it’s proper owner.
-small finger print ID panel on side…??
-voice recognition: say a security word or phrase out loud and the wand confirms recognition of its owner by pulsating…??

Hand Gestures:
-add Swish and flick movement like on Harry Potter!!

Wonderful Invention Y’all!!!


January 29th, 2010 at 8:10 pm

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