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For some days now the reserved wands have been shipping from The Wand Company. Many customers should have received theirs right now. This user site is mentioned in the shipping mail, thanks for that Wand Makers.

Wands Now Shipping

Wands Now Shipping

Subject:   	Your Kymera Wand now shipped
From:   	"The Wand Company" 

Dear Michael

Your wand has been dispatched.

Yes, you have waited (very patiently), yes you are excited (very
excited) and yes now you will be one of the first people (the very
first) in the world to own a Kymera Wand.  You are a pioneer of a new
way of controlling your regular home audio and televisions, iPod docks
and even light switches using gesture based remote controls.  Your
Kymera gives you the experience that many a magician and wizard has
craved for years.

Using your wand will take some practice so make sure you also become
one of the first experts at using it.

  1) Remember to practise, (practice makes perfect).

  2) Remember to hold your wand level and steady for at least half a
      second before doing a gesture.

  3) Make sure your gestures are short, precise and well defined.

  4) Remember to have a look at the manual - it is not long or boring
and it will help you get the most out of your beautiful Kymera Wand.

Please keep up with www.thewandcompany.com for the latest information
from your favourite wand makers, write to us and tell us what you
think of your wand, and tell us any cool stories you have about how
you have amazed people - we’d love to hear about your experience.  Of
course we’re always here to help if you need assistance with some
tricky gestures or spells, but please remember there are only a few of
us so always be patient when waiting for an answer, because we will
want to reply to you personally.

Why not join the growing community of wand users at
www.wand-control.com and help build the wand experience.

Whatever you do, have fun and remember Sir Richard Barons’ moto, "Life
is Magic".

All the best


Your order reference was xxxxxxxxxxxx
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