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Two English inventors first to market with buttonless remote control

Kymera Magic Wand within its exclusive Box

Kymera Magic Wand within its exclusive Box

Two English inventors, Chris Barnardo and Richard Blakesley are leading the way in a remote control revolution that will have users controlling their home entertainment systems with natural and intuitive gestures instead of button presses.

Developed over the last two years, the Kymera Wand is the latest consumer electronics gadget to employ emerging motion detection technology to give the user a richer and more intuitive user interface. Technically the Kymera Wand is a universal remote control, but as Chris Barnardo explains, that that was not what was originally intended by the design.

“Essentially we set out to design a magic wand that uses modern remote control technology to give the user a magical experience.” Says Barnardo.

“The result not only delivers a magical experience but is the first gesture based remote control that doesn’t have any buttons,” Barnardo adds.

Both the packaging and website have also been very carefully designed to be part of the fantasy experience. Visiting the non-traditional website is like a voyage of discovery, and opening the Chic black Kymera Wand box for the first time and seeing the dark brown, elegant wand cradled in its luxurious silk brocade, certainly does set the heart racing. But don’t be fooled, the old fashioned look and feel of the wand hides a highly advanced piece of technology.

The wand understands 13 different movement “gestures”, each of which can learn and replay the remote control function from any button on almost any existing infra-red (IR) remote control. All of which means that the Kymera Wand can be used not just for changing channels on your TV but for controlling hi-fis, DVD players, set-top boxes, iPod docks, Apple Macs and even remote-controlled light switches and curtains for example.

Techno magic

Kymera Wand Rear View

Kymera Wand Rear View

The technology that powers the wand is based on science, but it is so advanced and so miniaturised that it might as well be magic.

Based on the advances in motion sensing, the accelerometer that tells the wand’s microprocessor how hard it is and in which direction accelerating was originally developed for use in cars. These tiny silicon architectures are microscopically small but can detect the force of gravity even at rest. They are the sort of thing that detects if you are slowing down very rapidly in a traffic accident and signals for the airbag to deploy, or you’ll find them in mobile phones and cameras telling the device which way up to put the picture.

The wand has a special three axis accelerometer that can measure the g force in x-y-and –z. Using this information, and constantly updating the programme for the orientation of the wand, a special program on the onboard microprocessor can tell how the wand is being moved about.

Using some clever maths the microprocessor determines if the move made by the wand bearer was a deliberate on and if so, whether or not it was one of the predefined gestures programmed into it at manufacture. If it recognises the gesture then the wand’s microprocessor plays back the infra red remote code that it has been taught by the user to associate with that gesture.

A very small vibration motor similar to that found in a mobile phone gently pulses inside the wand to give what is called haptic feedback to the user so that they know that the wand has understood the gesture and has emitted an infrared remote control code.

The whole assembly is squeezed into the shape of a wand, and put together so that there are no visible seams and no unsightly screws to give the game away and that’s it, the Kymera Wand.

It’s simple really.

Spin back 50 or 100 years and what the wand does would have been real magic, but if you spin back a further 200 years it’s likely you would have been burnt at the stake for using the Kymera Wand. But then you wouldn’t have had a 72inch plasma screen to magically control.

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Buy Your Kymera Wand From Us

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Kymera Wands is available from our site for resale within Germany.

We’ve received a stock of wand from the wand makers and hope to publish news about this really soon, so stay tuned.

We’ll offer the wand for 57,75 EUR with free worldwide shipping.

If you are coming to Dresden, Saxony these days you can also look for our sales people around the Christmas Fair or just visit our Shop “Die Buchbar” in the famous Dresden-Neustadt, Alaunstrasse 66, Sonnenhof-Alley.


Interesting Daily Mail Interview with Wand Maker Chris

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The interview from Daily Mail online is a very in depth article. It also includes business information on achieved and intended sales.

Chris Barnardo the Creator of the Kymera Magic Wand

Chris Barnardo the Creator of the Kymera Magic Wand

The £49.95 gadget was created by Chris Barnardo and Richard Blakesley, whose website has received over one million hits. Over 10,000 wands have sold in 10 weeks since launch in 41 countries and it is on target to sell 200,000 by the end of 2010.

Father-of-four Chris, 47, of Bishop Stortford, said he came across the idea after seeing how enthralled his children were by the Harry Potter series.

He said: ‘Adults and children love the thought of magic and living in a fantasy world, and this lets them live a little bit of that in their own front room.


Blog Entries of Wand Owners

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Here we’ll collect blog entries of proud Kymera Wand Owners:

Fibro Witch Revere, Massachusetts, United States

Had to go with LEET speak for this post. My magic Wand has arrived. … Much like any wand there is a learning curve for both user and wand. … Looking forward to it. Does anyone else have one? Would they like to share stories of their learning curve??

A great and enthusiastic review by Rave

One word here… awe-sommme!!! This wand is a brilliant addition to my neo-Victorian, Steampunk-ish, Tolkien-esque, Medieval-influenced, 100% “geek cave”.

I think I just had a nerdgasm.

Praise and a Harry Potter with the Kymera, by Juliette

Harry Potter with Kymera Wand

Harry Potter with Kymera Wand

This is too good to be true! … The UK has produced a godsend for all of us Harry Potter fans out there: The Kymera Magic Wand….Baha, them Brits are so clever!!!

Masterjan’s Blog – Kymera Remote Wand

Yes… This post is actually about a “magical” wand remote. It’s something I’ve recently found on the internet, and it’s pretty cool! It can control things that uses a remote, for example a television. I’m not sure how much people, who own the wand, is using it, but I like the idea “a real magical wand” very much!


A place to put your wand

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the wandmakers are proud to present the first accessory to the Kymera Wand. It is a pouch fit for such a fine piece of wandmaking. It can not only hold the Kymera wand but any other wand you own, which is at most 370 mm (14.5 inch) long. The pouches will be on sale in different colors from the beginning of December. So you can wrap your Kymera Wand christmas giveaway in a fitting sheet.

Here are some preliminary images:

Envelope with pouch

Envelope with pouch

Envelope for pouch

Envelope for pouch

Pouches for the Kymera Wand

Pouches for the Kymera Wand


Kymera Wand on Flickr

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Proud Kymera owners posted Flickr photostreams of their newly arrived kymera wands.

Here is an example:

Wand Unboxed Uploaded on October 27, 2009 by Marcus Povey

Wand Unboxed Uploaded on October 27, 2009 by Marcus Povey


Great Kymera Wand Review on MuggleNet

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mugglenet logo

After their introductory post about the kymera wand writer Jamie did a elaborate review of the meeting with wandmaker Chris Barnardo.

Here is one of the quotes:

It’s a great gift, a great device and a great talking point. If you buy one, it’ll certainly be the first thing you show people when they come round to your house. I can already see it becoming massive at Harry Potter conventions; after all, with a bit of careful rigging, one rapid swish could turn the lights on, turn the sound system up, turn the plasma TVs on and much, much. It’s electronic automation, wizard style, and that’s enough to put a smile on any Potter fan’s face.

And commenters say:

Posted by The6thHorcrux 6 days ago

As an owner of one of these wands, I can honestly say that I have absolutely no regrets in buying this wand. When I started using it, I was stunned at how great the interface was and how easy it was to make it learn. If you’re hardcore like me, I would 100% advise you to throw down the $90 and get it. For sure.

Die deutsche Übersetzung zu dem Review ist bei Harry Potter Xperts zu finden.