Our January giveaway winner Paul posted an interesting topic in the Kymera Wand User Forums.

I’m guessing that not too many people are yet aware of the newest generation of life-like flickering LED candles that can be controlled by an IR remote. For the utmost in Harry Potter-esque control, this is the bees knees, as they say.

This is just two such examples, but if you google on “remote led candle” you’ll get a ton of hits from various manufacturers and distributors:

http://www.batteryoperatedcandles.net/G … ducts.html
http://www.batteryoperatedcandles.net/r … ducts.html

I still get an almost perverse blast out of controlling my triple candle set this way. It really looks like magic, folks. Anyone remember Dumbledore’s year opening speech in the Great Hall in “Prisoner of Azkaban”, where he waves his hand over the candles, and they extinguish, and waves his hand back, and they relight? Okay, so he didn’t use his wand there, but you get the idea. Thus I’ve set my wand’s right flick to turn the candles off, and the left flick to turn them on.

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Incidentally, There’s also a new generation of LED candles that can be operated simply by blowing on them, (actually, I can get mine to go on or off by simply snapping my fingers a few inches above it, which is also magical looking) but that’s another story.

Accio Kymera!

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