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While looking at the signature of Sir Richard Barons’ letter, I felt something not quite right. The signature didn’t look like the name at all.

But it looked like the name, the wand maker Chris Barnardo used for several years to present his creative projects on instructables.

Thats Kaptin Scarlett for you. And here is how he got his name (from the beautifully made description of the making of theGolden Filigree Dragon’s Eggcase:

After our extensive journey, our supplies were running low and in order to finish the presentation case we used to store and later show the egg, the luscious scarlet velvet lining of my favourite all-weather coat had to be cut up for to make the pillow covering. I made such a fuss over this calamity that the rest of the party nicknamed me Kaptin Scarlet, and name that has endured to this day.

velvet scarlett eggcase box

velvet scarlett eggcase box

Of the many projects he presented there, the mentioned one as well as those may be of interest to the dear reader:

Even more projects of the Wand Makers inspiration can be found on the amazing DadCanDo site that is dedicated to parents caring for the fun and joy in the lives of their children.

Especially the Wizadry and Magic and the Dragonry categories offer a lot to the lovers of these fantastic things. But it is worth to explore the whole site for lots of ideas and inspiration.

In his splendid role as Kaptin Scarlett the Wand Maker Chris Barnardo spent some time tarnishing a Kymera Wand so that it looks like it was made of ivory or bone.

finished wand
He also offered use to use the images and text, so we’d love to quote from the instructables introduction:

This instructable will show you how to make (almost) anything look like old ivory or bone. The technique I have used is also called distressing. I am distressing (you might want to call it a creative hacking) my beloved Kymera Wand. However you got one, hacking a $90 gadget takes some guts, but I think the result speaks for itself and you end up taking something original and turning it into something completely unique.

Below you can see how the wand is transmogrified in 13 well documented steps from being your usual wooden colored magical instrument to an elegant creamy white beauty.

Please look at the instructable and comment and rate it or comment here. And spread the word, it is worthwhile.

Before starting you should perhaps consider the Chris’ last words:

At last it is time to remove the masking tape and review your handiwork.

Phew, either it looks fab or you have just ruined a hundred dollars of high tech wizardry. Perhaps it might have been better to practice on an old wooden spoon first. …

If you don’t like what you see, mask up and go back to step one and start again… remember as it says on the Kymera Wand manual…


treasure chest Pictures, Images and Photos
We’ve discovered a hidden cache of treasures. And amidst, there was a large triple-secured chest full of ancient wands. Amazingly, those wands are still working. Could it be magic?

While we kept the jewels we’d like to offer those awesome wands to the public wizarding community.
You still have to figure out how those wands work, although there were some strange scrolls accompanying the magical instruments.

Wir haben einen versteckten Schatz entdeckt! Inmitten des Goldes fanden wir eine dreifach gesicherte Kiste voller altertümlicher Zauberstäbe. Und sie funktionieren sogar noch. Kann das Magie sein?

Während wir das Gold und die Juwelen behalten, soll die gesamte magische Gemeinschaft an den Zauberstäben teilhaben können. Aufgrund des gefundenen Schatzes bieten wir sie zu einem günstigen Preis für alle Zauberer dieser Welt an. Sie müssen nur noch herausfinden, wie die Zauberstäbe wirklich funktionieren, es lagen da einige seltsame Schriftrollen bei, die sicher hilfreich sind.

Magic Kymera Wand

Magic Kymera Wand

So if you are interested to own a wand of your own, check out our spring offer and get one.
Wenn Sie also einen eigenen Zauberstab besitzen wollen, der wirklich funktioniert, nehmen Sie unser Angebot wahr und greifen Sie zu.

Kymera Wand Ownership Certificate available

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The brand new, but slightly antique Kymera Wand Ownership Certificate
is available from The WandMakers as a free download.

You can download it from there as PDF and print it after entering your name in the baroque script.

It reads:

Ownership Certificate

This Certifies, that

Your Name

shall henceforth be known as a

Kymera Wand Bearer

and who in time
shall become proficient
in the use thereof
know and learn its various
and cunning ways of control

From this day, by order of

Chris Barnardo

The Wand Company Limited

So you can not only present your ownership of the Kymera Wand in a fitting style but also create a good looking certificate for anyone who gets the Kymera Wand as a present from you.

Just tweet why you’d like to have one and add the #kymera tag, you can also include a link to this post:

As I sadly can’t visit QCon London this year and add the Kymera Wand as drawing price there, I’d like to do a virtual drawing for a Kymera Wand until the end of March.

That is also a chance for all other people who were not able to attend QCon London this month to enter one of the popular exhibition drawings.

The Kymera Wand is a truly magical device. It allows you to control many of the apparatuses at home using invisible beams of light. It recognizes up to 13 gestures of control to cast spells of all kinds to differnt devices.

(read: It’s a universal gesture based infrared control in the form of a magic wand.)

Just tweet why you’d like to have one and add the #kymera tag, you can also include a link to this post:

One special note: You will enter the drawing as often as your twitter follower count is on the log10 scale.


  • 1..9 followers = does not qualify
  • 10..99 followers = enter once
  • 100..999 followers = enter twice
  • 1000…9999 followers = enter 3 times
  • etc.

Depending on the amount of tweets, I’ll add them to this post’s comments, with the tweet text and your follower count, then I’ll draw from this list.

The winner will be notified by mail or DM and posted here.

Good Luck


Our colleagues from who also use our German translation of the Kymera Wand Manual presented the Wand as “Zauberstab Fernbedienung” at one of the world biggest computer & electronics fairs the Cebit 2010 in Hannover, Germany.

This clever move generated a lot of interest and was covered by all major and minor press publishers. A great step to make the Kymera Wand known throughout Germany.

Unsere Kollegen von, denen wir auch unsere Übersetzung der Anleitung des Kymera-Zauberstabs zur Verfügung gestellt haben, präsentierten den Kymera Wand als “Zauberstab Fernbedienung” den Zauberstab auf der Cebit 2010 in Hannover.

Fernsehzauber: Die Fernbedienung hat zu viele Knöpfe? Kein Problem: Der Zauberstab von TheWandCompany (vertrieben u.a. von getdigital) steuert den Fernseher, indem er auf Bewegungen reagiert. Mit einem Streich nach links oder rechts lässt sich der Kanal vor- und zurückschalten, mit einer Drehbewegung regelt sich die Lautstärke. Der Zauberstab ist lernfähig – und kopiert einfach die entsprechenden Signale der Originalfernbedienung. …

Dieser clevere Schachzug rief eine Menge Interesse hervor und wurde von allen großen und kleineren Presse Verlagen berichtet. Ein wichtiger Schritt, um den Kymera Wand in Deutschland bekannter zu machen. Gut gemacht!