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Disabled Forum User Registration due to massive Spam

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From this day on I disable the Forums for new user self registrations. If you’d like to participate in the site just add a comment to any post on the blog or send me an e-mail to "info at kymera dash wand dot com" for a forum user registration.

We had several hundred spam entries in the forums per week and I don’t want to deal with that any longer.

Sorry for any incoveniences.



AppleTell reviews the Kymera Wand

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The well site well known for reviewing Apple related products, posted a exhaustive review of the Kymera Wand.

They did a very good job in describing its applicability and potential uses for home equipment and Macs in particular. They also pointed out some disadvantages like the limited number of gestures and the missing "switch gesture set"e;-gesture.

Here are some quotes from the post:

And in practice, it’s truly magic, or at least the kind of magic that your standard magician would perform, making it perfect for kids and the young at heart.

The manual details all of the steps necessary to get you from muggle to magician in no time. You can really get a sense of how much attention to detail is put into this product just by visiting The Wand Company’s web page. I love how their website is different from most, because their product is, too.

They also point out a special annoyance. If you don’t train all the gestures, those you didn’t will result in pulsing their gesture numbers when used accidentally. That takes quite a long time especially for the higher numbers and renders the wand unusable for that time. So it is better to program all gestures (provide a unused ir-function for those gestures not in use – e.g. from an older remote control).

After that’s all done, using the wand is a breeze. The most satisfying thing you can do is shout a “magical phrase” while using a long swipe to turn your TV on or off. And while most of the people to whom I showed this wand initially thought it was lame or extremely nerdy, all found it necessary to do exactly what I just detailed.

Of course they discuss using the Wand with a Mac, as I detailed in the Control Your Mac post, this is easily done.

It’s worth noting that navigating Front Row with this device would work perfectly since you can assign the right IR codes to the same left/right/up/down gestures in the wand. You could use the same gestures to change songs on your Mac from across the room. And honestly, if you’re going to say that a certain computer works with a little bit of magic, it really should be a Mac.

The app SofaControl is recommeded for using a remote with a Mac, I still have to check it out.

They close with the following comments and give the Kymera Wand a 3/5 rating.

And I guarantee you’ll have the coolest universal remote in town if you buy one of these, though you will be accused of being a nerd. You should only buy one of these to have fun, not to replace remotes, because you’ll be disappointed if you’re expecting to do the latter.

I think this product would make a great gift for any kid who’s a Harry Potter fan or just has a general wonder towards magic. And honestly, what kid doesn’t? Could you imagine getting one of these things when you were ten? That would have been awesome.


Kymera Wand Best Of: Selected Posts

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As I’ve written almost 100 blog posts about lots of different aspects of the Kymera wand, and people might get lost in the sheer amount of information, I’d like to pick some of those which I think are more important than others and point to them in this small overview.

You can of course use the categories on the right side if you’re interested in a certain topic about the Kymera Wand.

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Kymera Wand Facebook Raffle

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To celebrate our new Facebook presence as a place to reach people that share our curiosity, love of magic things and the Kymera Wand in particular,

we’d love to give away
one Kymera Wand
for free.

To enter the drawing, we’d like you to become

a fan of our magical facebook incarnation

and share the link ( to this raffle on your wall.

When you’re still a fan after the 33 days of this competition

- on 10/5/10 – that’s May 10th -

you’ll enter our big book of wizards to be.

Then the Kymera Wand will flick open a page at random
and point at its new owner.

Perhaps that’s you!

Wishing you all the luck you need.


Kymera Wand on Facebook

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Kymera Wand on Facebook

After looking at the impressive infographics and talking with some friends about its implications, I decided to revive the Kymera Wand facebook page, add some more content and try to provide daily or weekly updates related to the wand.

So, if you’re there and want to follow the things happening around the Kymera Wand, this site and more, become a fan.

Chris and Richard published a whole lot of beautifully crafted image and animated resources for the press and resellers of the Kymera Wand.

We’ll publish a post with some background information of the making of of those gorgeous images later this month.

If you want to point to the Kymera Wand site you can use one of the eye catching moving images.


March Giveaway Winner: @atomicjonas

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The Winner of our March drawing is @atomicjonas. Congratulations! Please send us your address details via DM or email.

For all others, don’t be afraid there will be many more drawings throughout the year.

Of course you could also just buy a wand for this incredibly magical price of 57,75 EUR with free worldwide shipping.