100th blog post: Time To Celebrate

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So, this is the 100th post on kymera-wand.com. I want to take some time to celebrate and review the things that happened since I became a fan of the Kymera Wand.

First I want to thank Chris and Richard for their ingenious invention that has sparked magic not only in my life. To come up with such an awesome product is really a work of a genius. Thanks for being so creative, welcoming, helpful and generous all the time. I really enjoyed collaborating with you guys and am very glad to have two such friends on the British Islands. Please keep up the great work and surprise us now and then.

Yes, it has been 9 months since the Kymera Wand was presented to the public. In September 2009, I contacted Chris and Richard about issues with their site thewandcompany.com for the first time.

I was really exited about the wand and we quickly were on good terms. So we spend a good amout of time in email conversations and skype chat sessions about the wand, the company, it’s development, reselling and other things.

September 2009

Soon I started blogging about the wand, first at the domain wand-control.com publishing press coverage, videos and the manual.

Then I was really impressed as Chris send me a sample wand to take to the JAOO software developer conference to use in my presentation as remote control for my MacBook. I quickly learned the gestures and published a video of controlling Macs with the wand.

I had a local artisan make me a fitting leather sheat for the wand and carried it around all time to show it off. The wand got a lot of attention. Finally I gave it to Kresten Krab Thorup the conference organizer as a thank you for all the great JAOO conferences.

After the conference I opened the forum at this site to give wand owners a place to discuss and give feedback. Unfortunately it never took of (except for spammers), so I removed user self registration.

The Wandmakers also posted the first videos at this time which I happily blogged about.


In October we could report the first batch of wands being shipped to customers and published the first user reviews and sightings in the public. The wandmakers created instructional videos and animations that helped in getting along with your Kymera Wand. The coverage of the Wand by PopTech was one of the major public events in October.


November was even more excited. It started with a review from MuggleNet and the first mention of the Kymera Wand pockets. Later the month I was among the first that were approached by the wandmakers to become an international reseller of the Kymera Wand. That was sooo exciting. I eagerly ordered my first batch of wands and put up the paypal account (a real pain with bank accounts) and did some promotional stuff. Soon but unexpected the first orders came in. As the last thing in November we covered a press release by the wandmakers Chris and Richard.


In December the orders really took off. That was the best month ever, we sold more wands back then than in all other months combined. So we had to restock several times and helped to bring magic to many christmas trees around the world. I hope you all are still happy with your Kymera Wands.
As a service to our customers and fans I translated the Manual into German so that even those wizards that are not able to understand the English can learn to control their wand.

The major digital geek suppliers started to sell the wands as well. The coverage by several pod- and newscasters provided additional publicity.

In December we also did our first Kymera Wand giveaway where we asked you to provide novel ideas for future wand development. That brought us about 50 really comments from which we drew the winner.
There were also three instructional posts that covered resetting the wand and problems with some digital equipment that used remote control sequences as well as general gesture tips.

We could also welcome our most creative and active forum user: Grymmditch aka Paul Higginbotham.

To be continued …

Thanks for coming along and staying informed.

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Luke Wallwork

With my kymera magic wand the spell I would cast would be wingardium leviosa to move around my remote control car

August 29th, 2010 at 9:04 pm

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