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Press Update for Kymera and Kandela

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Hitwise comments on hot products for Christmas. The Kymera Wand, being the surprise entry in their list of high tech gadgets.

The surprise entry is the Kymera Magic Wand, which recently featured on Dragons’ Den. Searches for the TV remote control have dropped off since its appearance on the BBC show but have stayed at a respectable level, picking up more searches than any other TV-related product.

Pocket-Lint comments on "Five frivolous Friday gadgets from Firebox".

We’ve saved the best for last. This one has been on Dragon’s Den (if you’ve not seen it, watch it here, all 14 minutes of it), so has the backing of Dragon Duncan Bannatyne. Don’t that that put you off though, as this is pretty cool. The wand comes with the candle that you can turn on and off and the neat thing is that once the LED candle is lit, you can blow it out. So if you are a fan of the occult, or just want to add a little Harry Potter into your life, then the Kandela wand is probably as close as you’ll get. Remember, it’s Wingardium Leviosa, not Wingardium Leviosaaa.

Kandela Candles aligned on a table together with their Wands

Kandela Candles aligned on a table together with their Wands


Operating the Kandela is Childs Play

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After I took the Kandela video last night, the wand and candles were still lying around when my kids got up. So they insisted on performing magic themselves. So they went on lighting and extinguishing the Kandela Candles with the wand for a while.

The 5 year old didn’t want to stay behind.


First Kandela Sample Arrived – Videos

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Product Video

Today I received the first Kandela samples that were graciously sent to me by TheWandCompany’s Chris Barnardo.

Although it was already quite late, I recorded this Kandela demonstration video.

The packaging is really nice. Great display of the Candle and the Wand. I really like how the instructions are printed on the package with the languages interweaved like a helix.

The candles rubber material feels soft and warm. The light is flickering slightly but not annoyingly. It is fun to operate the candle but it would be even more fun to have lots of those candles around. Then you’d feel like Albus Dumbledore when casting the "Lumos" spell. It takes a bit of breath to blow out the candle but it works well.

The Kandela Wand is of the same size and shape as the Kymera Wand but has a different antique ivory finish and a blue jewel at the end (instead of a green one).

I was also able to program my Kymera Wand to operate the Kandela candle, although it was a bit tricky to align the wands while teaching it.

You have to insert 4 AAA batteries to operate it, two into the candle, two into the wand.

Really a great product and gift, stay tuned we’ll have the Kandela available soon.

Room with Kandela Candles

I also recorded a quick demonstration how a room with Kandela candles would look like when you illuminated it in the dark.

Some Updates at TheWandCompany site

The Kandela page now features an illuminated view of the candle on top of the manual.

Illuminated Kandela Candle on top of the Manual Parchment

Illuminated Kandela Candle on top of the Manual Parchment

There is a new gallery page for the Kandela too.

Gallery Page for the Kandela

Gallery Page for the Kandela


Kymera Wand Review Video by MrDagon007

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This is a very nice review of the Kymera Wand of one of our customers from Belgium, who also bought the red Kymera Wand pocket.

Taking a break from my more serious reviews, here is a closer look at a highly original product, that brings smiles to everyone who sees and tries it. The Kymera Magic Wand actually DOES its magic… within its specifications.
Chances are, you will find it at the same time hilarious, ridiculous and indispensable!
Watch the clip to find out more. Abracadabra!

Wandmaker Chris Barnardo shared the secret of how he skillfully created the new Kandela page for the website.

The idea of the new page was to show the candle resting on the original web page as if the original webpage
was real.

Kandela on top of Manual Parchment

Kandela on top of Manual Parchment

The manual text had to be rewritten to fit with the Kandela and then written in such a way that even when partially obscured by the wand and candle it still made sense.

In order to get the most realistic looking 3D effect, I printed out the side elements and photographed them at an angle under a piece of old parchment paper.

I also got some real 1890s Tibetan coins from India off ebay and photographed them, because the originals were
just illustrated and I thought that they would not look real enough for this image.

I used all the elements to make up a real tableaux for the Autumn Fair show as wall decoration, and perhaps the sort of thing that you might find in a gentleman’s study or the drawing room of a Victorian room.

Richard and I scoured an old antiques warehouse and bought an old frame. I stained and polished the frame with French polish and then had a plaque made, built a shadow box to go behind it and build up the real webpage tableaux inside.

The effect is great and the shadow box is now hanging in my lounge.

Kymera Tableaux in Frame

Kymera Tableaux in Frame

The Wand Maker Chris Barnardo found this old piece of parchment containing instructions for the Kandela (magical wand with enchanted candle).

Perhaps it is useful for you too.

Antique Parchment with Kandela Instructions

Antique Parchment with Kandela Instructions

Chris also copied the text from the old parchment, so that it is more readable:

One of the most basic and yet desirable uses to which a wand may be put, is
the creation of light. Casting illumination into dark corners brings
comfort, often banishes the unknown and frightens away all manner of
malevolent spirits and creatures. The Kandela wand and candle permits the
novice witch or wizard the ability to master quickly this amazing spell.

Charms to create light

Fashioned from a specially created polymeric ivory analogue, you will love
the quality look and feel of the wand. Further, upon ownership you will be
pleasantly surprised to discover that the Kandela wand has been thoroughly
pre-trained with all the commands required to work its light-creating magic.
Thus very little practice will be needed to master its wily ways.

A single flick is all that is required to cause the candle to light. This
magical feat may be performed at up to a distance of four large paces, and
is quite sure to amaze and delight all onlookers, regardless of their age.

Blowing the candle out The Kandela employs a peculiar form of luminous
enchantment that provides light but not heat. Nevertheless this curious
device flickers exactly like a candle and may even be blown out in much the
same way that one might extinguish a traditional candle.

Due to its enchanted nature the candle may also be put out by the use of the
wand, in such a way that it does not extinguish immediately, but remembers
the command for a period of 60 minutes, at which point it automatically goes
out without any further instruction from the wand or the wand bearer. This
capacity makes it ideal as a bedroom adornment, as the beneficial effects of
falling asleep bathed in the gently flickering glow of soft candlelight are
well known.

Be sure to read the main Kandela review, with images, my video and the manual first.

Kandela Showing up at

Chris Barnardos art skills are really impressive. He just finished the graphics for the website featuring the Kandela. All the subtle lighting, flickering and cast light and shadows is really impressive. There is also a separate Kandela page, that shows a parchment Kandela manual with a candle and wand on top. It announces availability of the Kandela from Sept 28th 2010.

Kandela Candle and Wand on Welcome Screen

Kandela Candle and Wand on Welcome Screen

Lighted Kandela Candle on Welcome Screen

Lighted Kandela Candle on Welcome Screen

Kandela Wand and Candle on Kandela Manual Scroll

Kandela Wand and Candle on Kandela Manual Scroll

Kandela Announcement on Manual Scroll

Kandela Announcement on Manual Scroll

Kandela Video

ShinyShiny recorded a video with Chris Barnardo’s partner Dawn who presents the Kandela at the firebox press event.

Win a Kandela

And please don’t forget to grab your chance to be the first to own one – win a Kandela.

Press responses

As with the Kymera about a year ago, the Kandela has spawned quite a lot of press responses.

Most blogs just recite OhGizmo or CoolestGadgets but there are some independend responses as well.

Kandela Wand and Candle Pack

Kandela Wand and Candle Pack

Kandela product description from TheWandCompany

KANDELA – Magical Wand & Enchanted Candle

Light the candle with a flourish of your wand – blow it out just like a real candle

The Kandela is the magical new product from The Wand Company. The Kandela includes a wand in the same high quality form as the Kymera but finished in a distressed ivory colourway, and comes with its very own enchanted candle.

  • Light the candle with a flick of the wand from up to 4 metres away
  • Extinguish the candle with a deft wiggle of the wand
  • Blow out the candle just like a real candle
  • Tap the wand twice when the candle is lit to set a sleep timer running that will turn the candle off in one hour.

With two LEDs, the candle flickers like a real burned-down candle, and as it’s made from a soft, resilient, high-quality plastic, the candle is safe and robust and with it’s elegant design is suitable for any room. Perfect for the dinner table or a bedroom nightlight.

Whoever gets 3 people to (re)tweet the following text:

Win Magic Kandela Wand that controls LED-Candle – all about remote control magic wands at

gets a monthly (every 15th) chance to win

a Kandela

the new magical product of The WandCompany.

The Kandela Candle and Wand

The Kandela Candle and Wand

This is a special infrared controlled, LED candle that comes with a simpler, non-programmable version of the Kymera Wand, to lighten it with a swish and extinguish it with a wiggle. You can also set a timer by tapping on the wand.

Your Kymera Wand can of cause be programmed to perform those functions as well.


Instructions to enter the drawing

Get 3 people to tweet:

Win Magic Kandela Wand that controls LED-Candle – all about remote control magic wands at

Post the 3 twitter names and your own as comment, and follows us (@kymerawand) on twitter.

To get a fair drawing we check all the names for duplicates and don’t count newly created twitter accounts (less than 10 followers).

If you are not on twitter, you can do the same on facebook, but be sure to get us the names of the people that have reposted your message.

Or you can just get 3 people to comment with a nice message on this post and mention the names in your comment (remember, no duplicates).

Good Luck.


  • October 2010: Hynderson Clarke

Thank you all for participating. And watch out for next month’s winner. It could be you


Today, on Sept 15th, the wand makers, Chris Barnardo and Richard Blakesley, wizards of The Wand Company, funding dragon Duncan Bannatyne of Dragon’s Den fame and the Firebox crew, present the new magical device.

The Kandela

The Kandela is a great, magical package of a Magic Wand and a vanilla colored candle. The wand has an antique bone finish and is set with a blue jewel.

Actually it is a infrared remote control wand, a simpler, non-programmable version of the Kymera Wand and an infrared controlled, blow-out LED candle.

You can use the wand to lighten and extinguish the candle. It can also control how long the candle burns. But like any real candle it will cease to glow when you blow at it.

Duncan Bannatyne and the Wand Makers present the Kandela

Duncan Bannatyne and the Wand Makers present the Kandela

Win a Kandela

When you’re active on twitter, your chances to win a Kandela from us are high. Drawings are held every month.

Product Video

As I didn’t get a sample in time for recording a product video I just to my stock Kymera Wand and used a set of IR candles to demonstrate the "Lumos" and "Nox" spells. Please keep in mind – this is a different set of candles that works a bit differently, so it is just a substitute for a real Kandela.

We’ll offer the Kandela as soon as it is available for resale, for about EUR 39,50. If you want to preorder a Kandela just comment on this post and well figure it out. Firebox also offers it for pre-order right now.

The Kandela Candle and Wand

The Kandela Candle and Wand

Kandela User Manual

Kandela User Manual Illustrations

Kandela User Manual Illustrations


Magical Wand & Enchanted Candle

Light the candle with a flourish of your wand, blow it out just like a real candle.

The Wand Company Ltd
Makers of the World’s finest Magical Instruments since AD 2009


Install batteries (not included) in the wand and candle before use. Use only alkaline LR03 (AAA) batteries, and do not mix old and new batteries.


The wand does not have a power button; once you have installed batteries in the wand, it is automatically ready to use.

After installing the batteries turn the candle on at the power button located on the candle base; the candle will illuminate. Blow the candle out to put it into standby mode.

Use a short sharp flick of the wand to illuminate the candle from up to 4m away.

The Kandela candle flickers just like a real candle.

To extinguish the candle either:
a) blow it out
b) wiggle the wand while pointing it at the candle within 4m of the candle
c) a 60 minute sleep timer mode may be activated by tapping the wand twice on the crisscross area whilst pointing it at the candle when the candle is illuminated. When sleep timer mode is activated the candle will automatically extinguish after 60 minutes.

To extend battery life, always turn the candle off at the power button when not in use.


  • Wand needs 2x AAA (LR03) alkaline batteries
  • Candle needs 2x AAA (LR03) alkaline batteries
  • Batteries are not included
  • The wand is about 35.5cm long
  • The candle has a diameter of 11 cm and a height of 6.5cm
Kandela Manual Front
Kandela Manual Back

User Forum Reopened

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The wand-maker Richard Blakesley asked me to reopen the user forum to have a place for wizards and witches (to be) to talk about their experiences with the Kymera Wand.

As you perhaps remember I closed the new user registration on the forum due to massive spam. Now I added some additional security measures (like questions on registration) and hopefully this will be enough to keep the spammers out.

So I invite you to join the Kymera Wand users forum and discuss with other spellcasting magicians everything you’d like to tell or ask.

If you have any requests for more boards or other topics just write a comment.

Happy posting