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Today I received the first Kandela samples that were graciously sent to me by TheWandCompany’s Chris Barnardo.

Although it was already quite late, I recorded this Kandela demonstration video.

The packaging is really nice. Great display of the Candle and the Wand. I really like how the instructions are printed on the package with the languages interweaved like a helix.

The candles rubber material feels soft and warm. The light is flickering slightly but not annoyingly. It is fun to operate the candle but it would be even more fun to have lots of those candles around. Then you’d feel like Albus Dumbledore when casting the "Lumos" spell. It takes a bit of breath to blow out the candle but it works well.

The Kandela Wand is of the same size and shape as the Kymera Wand but has a different antique ivory finish and a blue jewel at the end (instead of a green one).

I was also able to program my Kymera Wand to operate the Kandela candle, although it was a bit tricky to align the wands while teaching it.

You have to insert 4 AAA batteries to operate it, two into the candle, two into the wand.

Really a great product and gift, stay tuned we’ll have the Kandela available soon.

Room with Kandela Candles

I also recorded a quick demonstration how a room with Kandela candles would look like when you illuminated it in the dark.

Some Updates at TheWandCompany site

The Kandela page now features an illuminated view of the candle on top of the manual.

Illuminated Kandela Candle on top of the Manual Parchment

Illuminated Kandela Candle on top of the Manual Parchment

There is a new gallery page for the Kandela too.

Gallery Page for the Kandela

Gallery Page for the Kandela

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