The Wand Maker Chris Barnardo found this old piece of parchment containing instructions for the Kandela (magical wand with enchanted candle).

Perhaps it is useful for you too.

Antique Parchment with Kandela Instructions

Antique Parchment with Kandela Instructions

Chris also copied the text from the old parchment, so that it is more readable:

One of the most basic and yet desirable uses to which a wand may be put, is
the creation of light. Casting illumination into dark corners brings
comfort, often banishes the unknown and frightens away all manner of
malevolent spirits and creatures. The Kandela wand and candle permits the
novice witch or wizard the ability to master quickly this amazing spell.

Charms to create light

Fashioned from a specially created polymeric ivory analogue, you will love
the quality look and feel of the wand. Further, upon ownership you will be
pleasantly surprised to discover that the Kandela wand has been thoroughly
pre-trained with all the commands required to work its light-creating magic.
Thus very little practice will be needed to master its wily ways.

A single flick is all that is required to cause the candle to light. This
magical feat may be performed at up to a distance of four large paces, and
is quite sure to amaze and delight all onlookers, regardless of their age.

Blowing the candle out The Kandela employs a peculiar form of luminous
enchantment that provides light but not heat. Nevertheless this curious
device flickers exactly like a candle and may even be blown out in much the
same way that one might extinguish a traditional candle.

Due to its enchanted nature the candle may also be put out by the use of the
wand, in such a way that it does not extinguish immediately, but remembers
the command for a period of 60 minutes, at which point it automatically goes
out without any further instruction from the wand or the wand bearer. This
capacity makes it ideal as a bedroom adornment, as the beneficial effects of
falling asleep bathed in the gently flickering glow of soft candlelight are
well known.

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