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After three months of waiting our dear friends and Wand Makers Chris and Richard finally gave us the thumbs up on new stock. So as the packages are rolling in we start to take orders again.

Just a quick reminder – the Kymera Wand is actually a gesture based programmable infrared remote control which can control all of your devices that come with the usual remotes. Its 13 gestures are easy to learn and useful for the most common functions you use (and the most impressive ones). For instance switching on you TV or projector with a big swish, changing channels by flicking the wand or controlling the volume by twisting it.

The Kandela is a more romantic product that also comes literally with a “light-bulb-moment”. You show someone a pretty candle in a darkened room and with just a swish of your Kandela Wand you light it (Don’t forget to incant “lumos”). Then with a wiggle you “nox” it out again. Alternatively you can just blow out the candle. That’s really a show of magic.