After a too long absence from the site due to other obligations, we’re back in business of updating the blog regularly.

We’ve been selling wands during that period, mostly through amazon but also through this site.

With Christmas rapidly approaching we restocked our wands from the WandMakers so that there should be enough to fulfill all incoming orders.

If you haven’t decided to get one, this video from Chris and Richard, might convince you otherwise (the girl is not included)

While catching up with the Wandmakers there were also quite a lot of news. First, they added a quite comprehensive Q & A section for both wands on their support site.

They also spent a lot of effort to translate the Kymera Wand into many languages, you can view the manuals behind each flag.


They are working on a new secret product that no one must know about.

And there is a new version of the Kandela, that comes with TWO candles and a new and shiny packaging.

New Kandela Pack

New Kandela Pack

More news in follow – up blog posts.

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