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Kymera Wand Extension Set – 3 LED-Candles in a Box

Create a truly magical place with lots of these LED-Candles.

Imagine a room with many candles that can be illuminated
by just waving your Kymera Wand
and casting a “Lumos” spell.

Wouldn’t that feel like being a real wizard,
a true heir to Albus Dumbledore or Harry Potter.

With this set of 3 LED-Candles you can add as many candles
to your environment as you’d like.

They use the same type of infrared signals as the Kymera Wand so it works without problems.

The soft ambient glow of these candles can be controlled
with the supplied remote control –
this enables you to program your Kymera Wand to charm the candles.

These candles can be yours for just EUR 28,00 –
as a set of 3 differently sized wax candles.
Flat 4,00 EUR worldwide shipping.

Order now via paypal using this button.

Technical Details

  • compatible with Kymera Magic Wand
  • small remote control for on-off functions and to program Kymera Wand
  • 6 AAA batteries for candles and battery for remote control supplied
  • candles made of wax

Remote Control Functions

  • On/Off-Switch