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Wouldn’t you love to open the black box,
take your shiny magic wand out of its red silken bed
and cast spells on your surroundings?
Also perfectly suited for charming loved wands and friends.

We’ll offer the wand for just

57,75 EUR (approx. £ 47.50 – US$ 73.30 – 6200 ¥)

with free worldwide shipping, instant delivery.

Buy directly via paypal using this button


Included in the shipment

the Kymera Magic Wand Universal Remote Control
black faux dragonhide box with red, gold embroidered inlay
full size parchment manual
2x AAA batteries

You can now “Pocket Your Wand” as the beautiful, red, silken Kymera Wand pockets are available.

You can also send money to our bank account (#6311270, BLZ 12096597, Sparda Bank Berlin, IBAN DE59 1209 6597 0006 3112 70, Swift/BIC GENODEF1S10) and drop us an email with your delivery address.

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We ship the wands as international letters, so you have fast delivery and no trouble with customs. You can check the shipping time to your country at the Deutsche Post site.