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Whoever gets 3 people to (re)tweet the following text:

Win Magic Kandela Wand that controls LED-Candle – all about remote control magic wands at

gets a monthly (every 15th) chance to win

a Kandela

the new magical product of The WandCompany.

The Kandela Candle and Wand

The Kandela Candle and Wand

This is a special infrared controlled, LED candle that comes with a simpler, non-programmable version of the Kymera Wand, to lighten it with a swish and extinguish it with a wiggle. You can also set a timer by tapping on the wand.

Your Kymera Wand can of cause be programmed to perform those functions as well.


Instructions to enter the drawing

Get 3 people to tweet:

Win Magic Kandela Wand that controls LED-Candle – all about remote control magic wands at

Post the 3 twitter names and your own as comment, and follows us (@kymerawand) on twitter.

To get a fair drawing we check all the names for duplicates and don’t count newly created twitter accounts (less than 10 followers).

If you are not on twitter, you can do the same on facebook, but be sure to get us the names of the people that have reposted your message.

Or you can just get 3 people to comment with a nice message on this post and mention the names in your comment (remember, no duplicates).

Good Luck.


  • October 2010: Hynderson Clarke

Thank you all for participating. And watch out for next month’s winner. It could be you

Your Chance to Win a Magic Wand and become a modern Wizard yourself

All you have to do to participate is to find your favorite Harry Potter spell and tell us what you would want to cast a spell on.

For example:
With my #KymeraWand I want to cast "Lumos" onto "the candles" to "lighten them".

Then either post this sentence on twitter /cc @kymerawand or add it as comment on this post.

The drawing ended Wednesday, September 1, midnight GMT.

Wishing you all the magical luck you need.

Update: We drew the lucky winner.
Congratulations to:


With my #KymeraWand I want to cast “Alohomora” onto “my garage door” to “open it”

Please follow @kymerawand on twitter
or add Kymera-Wand on facebook
to get notified when we publish the winner.

Special Offer

If you are not the lucky winner or don’t want to wait,
we have a special offer for you!

Anyone who has participated in the drawing gets a roughly 5 percent discount
and will pay only just 55 € (£45.30 – US$ 70 – ¥5900) for the wand
when ordered within the next two weeks (until Wed, September 8).

Just be sure to include your email address or twitter id that you used in your contribution.

If you’d like to have a beautiful place to keep your wand – have a look at our Kymera Wand sheath.

As we just returned from a busy week on Crete,
I was only now able to draw the Facebook Raffle winner.

Congratulations to:

Christopher Tracy

We already contacted him for the details so he’ll soon be a proud Kymera Wand owner.

Everyone else, don’t be sad, there will be more possibilities throughout the year to win a magic wand. We’ll continue to post Kymera Wand news on Facebook just stay tuned. Thanks for your participation.

And you can always buy a wand for yourself.

Happy casting


No Buttons Just Good Old Fashioned Magic


Kymera Wand Facebook Raffle

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To celebrate our new Facebook presence as a place to reach people that share our curiosity, love of magic things and the Kymera Wand in particular,

we’d love to give away
one Kymera Wand
for free.

To enter the drawing, we’d like you to become

a fan of our magical facebook incarnation

and share the link ( to this raffle on your wall.

When you’re still a fan after the 33 days of this competition

- on 10/5/10 – that’s May 10th -

you’ll enter our big book of wizards to be.

Then the Kymera Wand will flick open a page at random
and point at its new owner.

Perhaps that’s you!

Wishing you all the luck you need.


Kymera Wand on Facebook

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Kymera Wand on Facebook

After looking at the impressive infographics and talking with some friends about its implications, I decided to revive the Kymera Wand facebook page, add some more content and try to provide daily or weekly updates related to the wand.

So, if you’re there and want to follow the things happening around the Kymera Wand, this site and more, become a fan.