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Kymera Wand bei n-tv

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Kurz vor Weihnachten strahlte n-tv die Sendung “Ratgeber-Hightech: Weihnachtsgeschenke” aus, in der Torsten Knippertz diverse Gadgets testet.

Die Rahmenhandlung für diese Tests bildet die Vorführung des Kymera Wand (Infrarot Fernbedienung Zauberstab) (lustigerweise in einer Wohnzimmer Sitzgruppe eines Möbelhauses).

Fazit des Testers

Also so richtig zaubern kann das Ding leider auch nicht, das Fernsehprogramm bleibt so schlecht wie es ist.

Aber ansonsten sehr lustige Idee, wenn man die Bedienung einmal raus hat und es funktioniert, macht’s richtig Spass und man kann einige Leute damit in Erstaunen versetzen.

Gesamturteil: Thumbs up


Press Update for Kymera and Kandela

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Hitwise comments on hot products for Christmas. The Kymera Wand, being the surprise entry in their list of high tech gadgets.

The surprise entry is the Kymera Magic Wand, which recently featured on Dragons’ Den. Searches for the TV remote control have dropped off since its appearance on the BBC show but have stayed at a respectable level, picking up more searches than any other TV-related product.

Pocket-Lint comments on "Five frivolous Friday gadgets from Firebox".

We’ve saved the best for last. This one has been on Dragon’s Den (if you’ve not seen it, watch it here, all 14 minutes of it), so has the backing of Dragon Duncan Bannatyne. Don’t that that put you off though, as this is pretty cool. The wand comes with the candle that you can turn on and off and the neat thing is that once the LED candle is lit, you can blow it out. So if you are a fan of the occult, or just want to add a little Harry Potter into your life, then the Kandela wand is probably as close as you’ll get. Remember, it’s Wingardium Leviosa, not Wingardium Leviosaaa.

Kandela Candles aligned on a table together with their Wands

Kandela Candles aligned on a table together with their Wands

Be sure to read the main Kandela review, with images, my video and the manual first.

Kandela Showing up at

Chris Barnardos art skills are really impressive. He just finished the graphics for the website featuring the Kandela. All the subtle lighting, flickering and cast light and shadows is really impressive. There is also a separate Kandela page, that shows a parchment Kandela manual with a candle and wand on top. It announces availability of the Kandela from Sept 28th 2010.

Kandela Candle and Wand on Welcome Screen

Kandela Candle and Wand on Welcome Screen

Lighted Kandela Candle on Welcome Screen

Lighted Kandela Candle on Welcome Screen

Kandela Wand and Candle on Kandela Manual Scroll

Kandela Wand and Candle on Kandela Manual Scroll

Kandela Announcement on Manual Scroll

Kandela Announcement on Manual Scroll

Kandela Video

ShinyShiny recorded a video with Chris Barnardo’s partner Dawn who presents the Kandela at the firebox press event.

Win a Kandela

And please don’t forget to grab your chance to be the first to own one – win a Kandela.

Press responses

As with the Kymera about a year ago, the Kandela has spawned quite a lot of press responses.

Most blogs just recite OhGizmo or CoolestGadgets but there are some independend responses as well.

Kandela Wand and Candle Pack

Kandela Wand and Candle Pack

Kandela product description from TheWandCompany

KANDELA – Magical Wand & Enchanted Candle

Light the candle with a flourish of your wand – blow it out just like a real candle

The Kandela is the magical new product from The Wand Company. The Kandela includes a wand in the same high quality form as the Kymera but finished in a distressed ivory colourway, and comes with its very own enchanted candle.

  • Light the candle with a flick of the wand from up to 4 metres away
  • Extinguish the candle with a deft wiggle of the wand
  • Blow out the candle just like a real candle
  • Tap the wand twice when the candle is lit to set a sleep timer running that will turn the candle off in one hour.

With two LEDs, the candle flickers like a real burned-down candle, and as it’s made from a soft, resilient, high-quality plastic, the candle is safe and robust and with it’s elegant design is suitable for any room. Perfect for the dinner table or a bedroom nightlight.


Today, on Sept 15th, the wand makers, Chris Barnardo and Richard Blakesley, wizards of The Wand Company, funding dragon Duncan Bannatyne of Dragon’s Den fame and the Firebox crew, present the new magical device.

The Kandela

The Kandela is a great, magical package of a Magic Wand and a vanilla colored candle. The wand has an antique bone finish and is set with a blue jewel.

Actually it is a infrared remote control wand, a simpler, non-programmable version of the Kymera Wand and an infrared controlled, blow-out LED candle.

You can use the wand to lighten and extinguish the candle. It can also control how long the candle burns. But like any real candle it will cease to glow when you blow at it.

Duncan Bannatyne and the Wand Makers present the Kandela

Duncan Bannatyne and the Wand Makers present the Kandela

Win a Kandela

When you’re active on twitter, your chances to win a Kandela from us are high. Drawings are held every month.

Product Video

As I didn’t get a sample in time for recording a product video I just to my stock Kymera Wand and used a set of IR candles to demonstrate the "Lumos" and "Nox" spells. Please keep in mind – this is a different set of candles that works a bit differently, so it is just a substitute for a real Kandela.

We’ll offer the Kandela as soon as it is available for resale, for about EUR 39,50. If you want to preorder a Kandela just comment on this post and well figure it out. Firebox also offers it for pre-order right now.

The Kandela Candle and Wand

The Kandela Candle and Wand

Kandela User Manual

Kandela User Manual Illustrations

Kandela User Manual Illustrations


Magical Wand & Enchanted Candle

Light the candle with a flourish of your wand, blow it out just like a real candle.

The Wand Company Ltd
Makers of the World’s finest Magical Instruments since AD 2009


Install batteries (not included) in the wand and candle before use. Use only alkaline LR03 (AAA) batteries, and do not mix old and new batteries.


The wand does not have a power button; once you have installed batteries in the wand, it is automatically ready to use.

After installing the batteries turn the candle on at the power button located on the candle base; the candle will illuminate. Blow the candle out to put it into standby mode.

Use a short sharp flick of the wand to illuminate the candle from up to 4m away.

The Kandela candle flickers just like a real candle.

To extinguish the candle either:
a) blow it out
b) wiggle the wand while pointing it at the candle within 4m of the candle
c) a 60 minute sleep timer mode may be activated by tapping the wand twice on the crisscross area whilst pointing it at the candle when the candle is illuminated. When sleep timer mode is activated the candle will automatically extinguish after 60 minutes.

To extend battery life, always turn the candle off at the power button when not in use.


  • Wand needs 2x AAA (LR03) alkaline batteries
  • Candle needs 2x AAA (LR03) alkaline batteries
  • Batteries are not included
  • The wand is about 35.5cm long
  • The candle has a diameter of 11 cm and a height of 6.5cm
Kandela Manual Front
Kandela Manual Back

So Chris and Richard the Wand Makers from The Wand Company, took the step and offered investors a possibility to invest their money in Magic.

The Dragons were left spellbound by duo Richard Blakesley & Chris Barnardo and their universal remote control which looks like a magic wand.

Well done Wand-Makers, I hope the investor money will allow you to continue to invent and create such awesome products. All the publicity through the show should empty your stocks quickly.

You can see the video here:

If you don’t know Dragon’s Den Show on BBC TWO – here is a short description from their website:

First launched in Japan, Dragons’ Den is now an international brand with versions airing in countries across the globe.
Entrepreneurs pitch for investment in the Den from our Dragons, five venture capitalists willing to invest their own money in exchange for equity.
Since series five, the five Dragons have been Duncan Bannatyne, James Caan, Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones and Theo Paphitis.

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You must take a look at the really long blog post by dohcjhw. He put on a darth vader helmet which is unusal for a wizard, but perhaps closest he could get to Lord Voldemort and tried the wand on himself.

Unfortunately all the Korean text is within the images so, I can’t have it tranlated.

There are also nice instructional images like this one:


Kymera Wand at Daily Giz Wiz (1054)

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There was an awesome discussion of the Kymera Wand by the Guys from Daily Giz Wiz in their show number 1054. Dick DeBartolo and Leo Laporte have much fun showing off the wand. They are very excited about about it and discuss it in great length.


AppleTell reviews the Kymera Wand

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The well site well known for reviewing Apple related products, posted a exhaustive review of the Kymera Wand.

They did a very good job in describing its applicability and potential uses for home equipment and Macs in particular. They also pointed out some disadvantages like the limited number of gestures and the missing "switch gesture set"e;-gesture.

Here are some quotes from the post:

And in practice, it’s truly magic, or at least the kind of magic that your standard magician would perform, making it perfect for kids and the young at heart.

The manual details all of the steps necessary to get you from muggle to magician in no time. You can really get a sense of how much attention to detail is put into this product just by visiting The Wand Company’s web page. I love how their website is different from most, because their product is, too.

They also point out a special annoyance. If you don’t train all the gestures, those you didn’t will result in pulsing their gesture numbers when used accidentally. That takes quite a long time especially for the higher numbers and renders the wand unusable for that time. So it is better to program all gestures (provide a unused ir-function for those gestures not in use – e.g. from an older remote control).

After that’s all done, using the wand is a breeze. The most satisfying thing you can do is shout a “magical phrase” while using a long swipe to turn your TV on or off. And while most of the people to whom I showed this wand initially thought it was lame or extremely nerdy, all found it necessary to do exactly what I just detailed.

Of course they discuss using the Wand with a Mac, as I detailed in the Control Your Mac post, this is easily done.

It’s worth noting that navigating Front Row with this device would work perfectly since you can assign the right IR codes to the same left/right/up/down gestures in the wand. You could use the same gestures to change songs on your Mac from across the room. And honestly, if you’re going to say that a certain computer works with a little bit of magic, it really should be a Mac.

The app SofaControl is recommeded for using a remote with a Mac, I still have to check it out.

They close with the following comments and give the Kymera Wand a 3/5 rating.

And I guarantee you’ll have the coolest universal remote in town if you buy one of these, though you will be accused of being a nerd. You should only buy one of these to have fun, not to replace remotes, because you’ll be disappointed if you’re expecting to do the latter.

I think this product would make a great gift for any kid who’s a Harry Potter fan or just has a general wonder towards magic. And honestly, what kid doesn’t? Could you imagine getting one of these things when you were ten? That would have been awesome.

Chris and Richard published a whole lot of beautifully crafted image and animated resources for the press and resellers of the Kymera Wand.

We’ll publish a post with some background information of the making of of those gorgeous images later this month.

If you want to point to the Kymera Wand site you can use one of the eye catching moving images.

Our colleagues from who also use our German translation of the Kymera Wand Manual presented the Wand as “Zauberstab Fernbedienung” at one of the world biggest computer & electronics fairs the Cebit 2010 in Hannover, Germany.

This clever move generated a lot of interest and was covered by all major and minor press publishers. A great step to make the Kymera Wand known throughout Germany.

Unsere Kollegen von, denen wir auch unsere Übersetzung der Anleitung des Kymera-Zauberstabs zur Verfügung gestellt haben, präsentierten den Kymera Wand als “Zauberstab Fernbedienung” den Zauberstab auf der Cebit 2010 in Hannover.

Fernsehzauber: Die Fernbedienung hat zu viele Knöpfe? Kein Problem: Der Zauberstab von TheWandCompany (vertrieben u.a. von getdigital) steuert den Fernseher, indem er auf Bewegungen reagiert. Mit einem Streich nach links oder rechts lässt sich der Kanal vor- und zurückschalten, mit einer Drehbewegung regelt sich die Lautstärke. Der Zauberstab ist lernfähig – und kopiert einfach die entsprechenden Signale der Originalfernbedienung. …

Dieser clevere Schachzug rief eine Menge Interesse hervor und wurde von allen großen und kleineren Presse Verlagen berichtet. Ein wichtiger Schritt, um den Kymera Wand in Deutschland bekannter zu machen. Gut gemacht!