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Blog Entries of Wand Owners

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Here we’ll collect blog entries of proud Kymera Wand Owners:

Fibro Witch Revere, Massachusetts, United States

Had to go with LEET speak for this post. My magic Wand has arrived. … Much like any wand there is a learning curve for both user and wand. … Looking forward to it. Does anyone else have one? Would they like to share stories of their learning curve??

A great and enthusiastic review by Rave

One word here… awe-sommme!!! This wand is a brilliant addition to my neo-Victorian, Steampunk-ish, Tolkien-esque, Medieval-influenced, 100% “geek cave”.

I think I just had a nerdgasm.

Praise and a Harry Potter with the Kymera, by Juliette

Harry Potter with Kymera Wand

Harry Potter with Kymera Wand

This is too good to be true! … The UK has produced a godsend for all of us Harry Potter fans out there: The Kymera Magic Wand….Baha, them Brits are so clever!!!

Masterjan’s Blog – Kymera Remote Wand

Yes… This post is actually about a “magical” wand remote. It’s something I’ve recently found on the internet, and it’s pretty cool! It can control things that uses a remote, for example a television. I’m not sure how much people, who own the wand, is using it, but I like the idea “a real magical wand” very much!

Joe has been using the wand for some days and now gave his feedback in this forum thread.

I’m now actively using it to control (part of) our home theatre system. It certainly does work, even the twirling gesture that was tricky to pick up. Some comments:

  • this really is very cool, I’m not getting tired of it.
  • you want to think about your neutral hand position when you pick it up because some gestures don’t work well from some positions
  • the stabbing gesture is harder, not that it’s hard to do but that it’s hard to cleanly do it from some hand positions (and it’s easy to accidentally do the withdrawal gesture from it)
  • double-taps can be hard to execute quickly (I’ve got the Mute command on one and the phone rang…)
  • the IR emitter seems to have a pretty tight cone of effect compared to other programmable remotes; for some commands to some devices I have to point it right at the device
  • using it reinforces my desire to have an “activation/deactivation” command, i.e. a safety, in the next revision
  • yes, you can get a pair of commands in, but it takes repeated tries
  • I would like to be able to do longer code sequences, but you knew that
  • it’s actually quite convenient as an additional remote for me because unlike the bigger universal it doesn’t have to sit on a charger, please don’t change this (though I do wonder how quickly I’m going to kill the batteries)
  • thanks again for making this, it’s really a class act in so many ways!

Thanks for all the feedback and keep enjoying the Kymera Wand.