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On the Topic of How to Program your Kymera Wand, forum user Gautam/omarahum did a nice printout sheet.

Had some free time, so decided I would try and figure out what functions I really needed to program into the wand and which I could leave out. It took a lot of tries to figure what wand gesture I should pair with what function so I made a little Jpg that lists all the gestures so I could print it out and keep the pairings straight. Thought it might be useful to others too so I decided to post it. Listed are the wand gestures, and next to it in parentheses is the number of pulses that correlates to the gesture, and space to write down what you’ve programmed.

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The forum user Grymmditch contributed these great posts on Sat Dec 26, 2009:

Harry Potteresque commands – latin

Has anyone else worked on some basic IR Remote/consumer electronics device command based latin spell incantations, so you can totally geek out ala Harry Potter while using your wand?
I’ve worked out about 15 so far, some were easy, some were not. This was actually kind of fun. I’m not a Latin major by any stretch, and some of the command concepts (like “ON” or “OFF”) don’t easily translate to a culture that ceased to exist roughly 1600 years ago, long before the advent of electronics.

Here’s my list so far though, feel free to add or recommend others!
(A good many of these should be fairly obvious as to their modern meaning or correlation, and some, like Vol Up/Down were lifted directly from Harry Potter)

On – Vivo or Possum (pronounced “Poss’-oom”)
Off – Dormito or Quiesco
Volume Up – Sonorus
Volume Down – Quietus
Channel Up – Ascendo or Supero
Channel Down – Descendo or Cado
Mute – Mutus or Sileo
Menu – Tabula or Codex
Play – Specto
Pause – Suspendo
Stop – Cesso or Finis
Record – Scribo
Rewind – Reciproco or Verto
Fast Forward – Rapio
Slow Search – Serpo

(special thanks to the site for most of these)

and the second post:

Laser tag, Kymera style

Here’s a thought – IR based tag systems, where kids armed with Kymera wands can duke it out wizard style.

They’d wear a special receiver plate on their chest and back, just as in laser tag, and the various gestures would register as sundry hexes/jinxes/curses- Avada Kedavra, Stupefy, Expelliarmus, Rictusempra, Tarantallegra, Petrificus, Sectum-Sempra, etc..

Have you guys talked at all with Warner Bros? I’m sure they’d go for this, (and other ideas) as official Harry Potter licensed merchandise. Otherwise, you’d probably have to rename the curses to something more generic.

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