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Making Of The Kandela Imagery

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Wandmaker Chris Barnardo shared the secret of how he skillfully created the new Kandela page for the website.

The idea of the new page was to show the candle resting on the original web page as if the original webpage
was real.

Kandela on top of Manual Parchment

Kandela on top of Manual Parchment

The manual text had to be rewritten to fit with the Kandela and then written in such a way that even when partially obscured by the wand and candle it still made sense.

In order to get the most realistic looking 3D effect, I printed out the side elements and photographed them at an angle under a piece of old parchment paper.

I also got some real 1890s Tibetan coins from India off ebay and photographed them, because the originals were
just illustrated and I thought that they would not look real enough for this image.

I used all the elements to make up a real tableaux for the Autumn Fair show as wall decoration, and perhaps the sort of thing that you might find in a gentleman’s study or the drawing room of a Victorian room.

Richard and I scoured an old antiques warehouse and bought an old frame. I stained and polished the frame with French polish and then had a plaque made, built a shadow box to go behind it and build up the real webpage tableaux inside.

The effect is great and the shadow box is now hanging in my lounge.

Kymera Tableaux in Frame

Kymera Tableaux in Frame


Today, on Sept 15th, the wand makers, Chris Barnardo and Richard Blakesley, wizards of The Wand Company, funding dragon Duncan Bannatyne of Dragon’s Den fame and the Firebox crew, present the new magical device.

The Kandela

The Kandela is a great, magical package of a Magic Wand and a vanilla colored candle. The wand has an antique bone finish and is set with a blue jewel.

Actually it is a infrared remote control wand, a simpler, non-programmable version of the Kymera Wand and an infrared controlled, blow-out LED candle.

You can use the wand to lighten and extinguish the candle. It can also control how long the candle burns. But like any real candle it will cease to glow when you blow at it.

Duncan Bannatyne and the Wand Makers present the Kandela

Duncan Bannatyne and the Wand Makers present the Kandela

Win a Kandela

When you’re active on twitter, your chances to win a Kandela from us are high. Drawings are held every month.

Product Video

As I didn’t get a sample in time for recording a product video I just to my stock Kymera Wand and used a set of IR candles to demonstrate the "Lumos" and "Nox" spells. Please keep in mind – this is a different set of candles that works a bit differently, so it is just a substitute for a real Kandela.

We’ll offer the Kandela as soon as it is available for resale, for about EUR 39,50. If you want to preorder a Kandela just comment on this post and well figure it out. Firebox also offers it for pre-order right now.

The Kandela Candle and Wand

The Kandela Candle and Wand

Kandela User Manual

Kandela User Manual Illustrations

Kandela User Manual Illustrations


Magical Wand & Enchanted Candle

Light the candle with a flourish of your wand, blow it out just like a real candle.

The Wand Company Ltd
Makers of the World’s finest Magical Instruments since AD 2009


Install batteries (not included) in the wand and candle before use. Use only alkaline LR03 (AAA) batteries, and do not mix old and new batteries.


The wand does not have a power button; once you have installed batteries in the wand, it is automatically ready to use.

After installing the batteries turn the candle on at the power button located on the candle base; the candle will illuminate. Blow the candle out to put it into standby mode.

Use a short sharp flick of the wand to illuminate the candle from up to 4m away.

The Kandela candle flickers just like a real candle.

To extinguish the candle either:
a) blow it out
b) wiggle the wand while pointing it at the candle within 4m of the candle
c) a 60 minute sleep timer mode may be activated by tapping the wand twice on the crisscross area whilst pointing it at the candle when the candle is illuminated. When sleep timer mode is activated the candle will automatically extinguish after 60 minutes.

To extend battery life, always turn the candle off at the power button when not in use.


  • Wand needs 2x AAA (LR03) alkaline batteries
  • Candle needs 2x AAA (LR03) alkaline batteries
  • Batteries are not included
  • The wand is about 35.5cm long
  • The candle has a diameter of 11 cm and a height of 6.5cm
Kandela Manual Front
Kandela Manual Back

In his splendid role as Kaptin Scarlett the Wand Maker Chris Barnardo spent some time tarnishing a Kymera Wand so that it looks like it was made of ivory or bone.

finished wand
He also offered use to use the images and text, so we’d love to quote from the instructables introduction:

This instructable will show you how to make (almost) anything look like old ivory or bone. The technique I have used is also called distressing. I am distressing (you might want to call it a creative hacking) my beloved Kymera Wand. However you got one, hacking a $90 gadget takes some guts, but I think the result speaks for itself and you end up taking something original and turning it into something completely unique.

Below you can see how the wand is transmogrified in 13 well documented steps from being your usual wooden colored magical instrument to an elegant creamy white beauty.

Please look at the instructable and comment and rate it or comment here. And spread the word, it is worthwhile.

Before starting you should perhaps consider the Chris’ last words:

At last it is time to remove the masking tape and review your handiwork.

Phew, either it looks fab or you have just ruined a hundred dollars of high tech wizardry. Perhaps it might have been better to practice on an old wooden spoon first. …

If you don’t like what you see, mask up and go back to step one and start again… remember as it says on the Kymera Wand manual…



Kymera Wand Ownership Certificate available

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The brand new, but slightly antique Kymera Wand Ownership Certificate
is available from The WandMakers as a free download.

You can download it from there as PDF and print it after entering your name in the baroque script.

It reads:

Ownership Certificate

This Certifies, that

Your Name

shall henceforth be known as a

Kymera Wand Bearer

and who in time
shall become proficient
in the use thereof
know and learn its various
and cunning ways of control

From this day, by order of

Chris Barnardo

The Wand Company Limited

So you can not only present your ownership of the Kymera Wand in a fitting style but also create a good looking certificate for anyone who gets the Kymera Wand as a present from you.


Hand Made Leather Sheats for Your Kymera Wand

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We’re proud to offer a rare selection of hand made (by a local craftsman) leather sheats for storing and also carrying your Kymera Wand.

Made of soft brown and black leather with individual engravings and ornaments these are worthy keepers of your Kymera Wand.

These exclusive uniquely crafted sheats are available for 44 EUR each including free worldwide shipping. So be the first and grab yours.

If you’re intersted just drop me an email: info at

If you were unlucky enough to get none, you can still protect your precious Kymera Wand in one of our beautiful wand pockets.

Pocket Your Wand

Envelope with pouch

Today the awesome website of the Wand Makers, launched its french version. Very impressive work by a friend of theirs of translating all the text and by Chris Barnardo of recreating all the artwork in French. Just click on the small flags on the index page or the langauge selection in the upper left corner to switch languages.

thewandcompany in french

thewandcompany in french

I never knew that “wand” in french is “baguette (magique)” the same as the famous bread, it certailny means “staff”.

Here is a short quote from the fabulous letter of Lord Byron:

Cher lecteur

Qui d’entre nous n’a jamais rêvé au moins une fois au fond de son cœur de posséder une baguette magique bien à lui et d’utiliser son pouvoir? Je ne parle pas des charlataneries et autres tours de passe-passe de pseudo magiciens de cabarets; non, je parle bien de vraie et grande magie permettant d’agir à distance. J’ai parcouru le monde à la recherche de puissants ingrédients et d’obscurs mécanismes qui, savamment combinés, pourraient doter le plus novice apprenti du pouvoir de contrôler tout objet dan sa maison.

Si vous devenez l’un des privilégiés à posséder un exemplaire des quelques baguettes Kymera venant à être conçues, vous me rejoindrez au sein des pionniers du nouvel âge de la magie et ensemble, nous nous exercerons mutuellement, dans la joie, à ne plus sombrer dans le morne et préhistorique réflexe de presser les touches d’une télécommande.

Votre humble serviteur et aventurier pour la vie,

Sir Richard Barons

The beautiful manual was translated some time ago and is also available from there.

french manual

french manual

Don’t forget to check out the other languages. We translated the German version and our friend Peter Neubauer the Swedish one.

Nach monatelanger Suche ist eine deutsche Abschrift des Kymera Zauberstab Handbuchs in den Ruinen eines alten Klosters entdeckt worden. Der Zauberstab-Macher Chris Barnardo hat sich dann daran gemacht, die alte Schriftrolle akribisch zu restaurieren.

Wir sind stolz die Replik dieser Restauration jetzt der Öffentlichkeit präsentieren zu können. Sie können eine hochauflösende Vorschau dieser Meisterleistung hier herunterladen.

Deutsches Zauberstab Handbuch

Deutsches Zauberstab Handbuch

Wenn Sie in den nächsten Monaten einen Kymera Zauberstab erwerben erhalten Sie eine Original-Replik dieses seltenen Schriftstückes zu Ihrem Schmuckstück dazu.

P.S. Nur eine Sache erscheint uns seltsam. Der Inhalt der uralten Schriftrolle stimmt fast genau mit unserer Übersetzung des Original-Manuskripts überein. Wer weiss…

Hier auch noch einmal die Verweise auf die englischen und französischen Handbücher.

Eine schwedische Variante ist gerade in Vorbereitung.


A place to put your wand

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the wandmakers are proud to present the first accessory to the Kymera Wand. It is a pouch fit for such a fine piece of wandmaking. It can not only hold the Kymera wand but any other wand you own, which is at most 370 mm (14.5 inch) long. The pouches will be on sale in different colors from the beginning of December. So you can wrap your Kymera Wand christmas giveaway in a fitting sheet.

Here are some preliminary images:

Envelope with pouch

Envelope with pouch

Envelope for pouch

Envelope for pouch

Pouches for the Kymera Wand

Pouches for the Kymera Wand


Beautiful Bags for Wands

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Kymera wand owner Abraham Cheloff just sent me this image of these beautiful bags for Kymera wands. We’ll see if and how you can acquire them in the next months.

wand bags

wand bags


Magical Updates

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The radius of the wands invisible magic field (invisible light) is about 18 meters and the magical power source lasts about 8 months if you cast spells continuously for 15 minutes per day.

You should take out the power source when transporting the wand. Otherwise it will stay active and recognize gestures and send out magic. Then your power source will be depleted much more rapidly and all sorts of magical irritations will occur in your environment.