A thorough Kymera Wand review in French

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While browsing through the comment backlog I found this french blog that reviews the wand, pointing out its strengths but also the shortcomings (some of which might be addressed in future versions.)

French Kymera Wand Review

French Kymera Wand Review

After three months of waiting our dear friends and Wand Makers Chris and Richard finally gave us the thumbs up on new stock. So as the packages are rolling in we start to take orders again.

Just a quick reminder – the Kymera Wand is actually a gesture based programmable infrared remote control which can control all of your devices that come with the usual remotes. Its 13 gestures are easy to learn and useful for the most common functions you use (and the most impressive ones). For instance switching on you TV or projector with a big swish, changing channels by flicking the wand or controlling the volume by twisting it.

The Kandela is a more romantic product that also comes literally with a “light-bulb-moment”. You show someone a pretty candle in a darkened room and with just a swish of your Kandela Wand you light it (Don’t forget to incant “lumos”). Then with a wiggle you “nox” it out again. Alternatively you can just blow out the candle. That’s really a show of magic.

Due to my family being sick we couldn’t manage to watch the movie by now but certainly you have.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

From the remarks on twitter and some reviews it seems to be a much more mature movie. Not a simple adventure like the others, but rather a deeper character study.

Looking forward to enjoy it, accompanied by my Kymera Wand which keeps me safe in this muggle world of techo-mages.

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We have a Winner: Sam (comment #54) won the Kymera Magic Wand. Congratulations.

Thank you everyone for your participation, I was blown away by this awesome response. And thanks so much for all the good wishes.

You can still participate in our monthly Kandela Giveaway.

Thanks so much. Wishing you a magical, white Christmas Time.




Nettes Kymera Wand Video von CHIP.de

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Ein nettes deutsches Video über den Kymera Wand hat chip.de. Marco erzählt darin, was es damit auf sich hat und wie man ihn benutzt. Leider nichts zum Programmieren, zur Historie und zu Bezugsquellen.


Visiting the WandMakers

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As I spent some days in the UK last week for the Software Craftsmanship 2010 conference, I took the opportunity to visit the Wand Makers Chris Barnardo and Richard Blakesley in Bishops Stortford, Chris’ hometown.

The Original Kymera Wand Frame with parchment, wand, crest and tibetan coins.

The Original Kymera Wand Frame with parchment, wand, crest and tibetan coins.

They picked me up from the station and we went directly to Chris’ home talking all the way about wands, kids and much more. On entering the appartment it struck me that this was really an inventors home. Lots of magic wands everywhere, magic candles and self made items of any kind.

While sipping on a coffee we continued to chat about inventing and business. I was also shown the Leopard Gecko who had recently suffered from an attack of his food (locusts). While wandering through the living room I found so many items that Chris created either for his kids, his dadcando site or for himself. That was truly amazing. I really like how he decorated his home with those Wand Company items and took some photographs.

The Counter used at the Birmingham Fair complete with secret compartments

The Counter used at the Birmingham Fair complete with secret compartments

We left for lunch at PizzaExpress which was really delicious. Then they took me back to the rail station to get in time to the airport to catch my plane home. Thanks a lot for this great time. Looking forward to visit you again.

The Wand Shelf with silver dragon wand stand and Kymera and Kandela Wands

The Wand Shelf with silver dragon wand stand and Kymera and Kandela Wands

At home several packages of Kandela Magic Candles waited for me to be smiled at and for you to order from us.

The book of Secrets, who knows what secrets a wand maker keeps?

The book of Secrets, who knows what secrets a wand maker keeps?


You can Order your Kandela from us Now

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I just put the order page for the Kandela (Enchanted Candle and Magic Wand) online. The first shipment is expected at the end of September so we can deliver them from October 1st.

Kandela on top of Manual Parchment

So get your magic candle to enlighten your hearts and rooms with a special atmosphere.


Press Update for Kymera and Kandela

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Hitwise comments on hot products for Christmas. The Kymera Wand, being the surprise entry in their list of high tech gadgets.

The surprise entry is the Kymera Magic Wand, which recently featured on Dragons’ Den. Searches for the TV remote control have dropped off since its appearance on the BBC show but have stayed at a respectable level, picking up more searches than any other TV-related product.

Pocket-Lint comments on "Five frivolous Friday gadgets from Firebox".

We’ve saved the best for last. This one has been on Dragon’s Den (if you’ve not seen it, watch it here, all 14 minutes of it), so has the backing of Dragon Duncan Bannatyne. Don’t that that put you off though, as this is pretty cool. The wand comes with the candle that you can turn on and off and the neat thing is that once the LED candle is lit, you can blow it out. So if you are a fan of the occult, or just want to add a little Harry Potter into your life, then the Kandela wand is probably as close as you’ll get. Remember, it’s Wingardium Leviosa, not Wingardium Leviosaaa.

Kandela Candles aligned on a table together with their Wands

Kandela Candles aligned on a table together with their Wands


Operating the Kandela is Childs Play

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After I took the Kandela video last night, the wand and candles were still lying around when my kids got up. So they insisted on performing magic themselves. So they went on lighting and extinguishing the Kandela Candles with the wand for a while.

The 5 year old didn’t want to stay behind.

Product Video

Today I received the first Kandela samples that were graciously sent to me by TheWandCompany’s Chris Barnardo.

Although it was already quite late, I recorded this Kandela demonstration video.

The packaging is really nice. Great display of the Candle and the Wand. I really like how the instructions are printed on the package with the languages interweaved like a helix.

The candles rubber material feels soft and warm. The light is flickering slightly but not annoyingly. It is fun to operate the candle but it would be even more fun to have lots of those candles around. Then you’d feel like Albus Dumbledore when casting the "Lumos" spell. It takes a bit of breath to blow out the candle but it works well.

The Kandela Wand is of the same size and shape as the Kymera Wand but has a different antique ivory finish and a blue jewel at the end (instead of a green one).

I was also able to program my Kymera Wand to operate the Kandela candle, although it was a bit tricky to align the wands while teaching it.

You have to insert 4 AAA batteries to operate it, two into the candle, two into the wand.

Really a great product and gift, stay tuned we’ll have the Kandela available soon.

Room with Kandela Candles

I also recorded a quick demonstration how a room with Kandela candles would look like when you illuminated it in the dark.

Some Updates at TheWandCompany site

The Kandela page now features an illuminated view of the candle on top of the manual.

Illuminated Kandela Candle on top of the Manual Parchment

Illuminated Kandela Candle on top of the Manual Parchment

There is a new gallery page for the Kandela too.

Gallery Page for the Kandela

Gallery Page for the Kandela


Kymera Wand Review Video by MrDagon007

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This is a very nice review of the Kymera Wand of one of our customers from Belgium, who also bought the red Kymera Wand pocket.

Taking a break from my more serious reviews, here is a closer look at a highly original product, that brings smiles to everyone who sees and tries it. The Kymera Magic Wand actually DOES its magic… within its specifications.
Chances are, you will find it at the same time hilarious, ridiculous and indispensable!
Watch the clip to find out more. Abracadabra!